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Abraham’s Last Rap: Bolivian Hip-Hop Hero Dies in El Alto

May 24, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

Abraham Bojorquez

El Alto-based hip-hop artist Abraham Bojorquez died early in the morning on Wednesday, May 20 in El Alto, Bolivia. He was killed when a bus hit him as he walking home. Abraham, 26 years old, was a member of the popular hip-hop group Ukamau y Ké. His music blended ancient Andean folk styles and new hip-hop beats with lyrics about revolution and social change.


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Ecuador’s Future for Canadian Transnationals: An Exchange of Indigenous Perspectives

May 19, 2009 Jennifer Moore 0

“Welcome to the future,” says the sign behind the gated area where Vancouver-based Corriente Resources is developing an open-pit copper mine in Ecuador’s Southern Amazon. Bumping along in the back of a pick-up truck on her way to visit one of several communities slated to be displaced by the project, the idea that the future is fenced off with restricted entry for local communities that have lived on the land for years, even generations, hit home for Anne Marie Sam. […]

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