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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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1 Queering the Metro in Mexico City Josh Mentanko, Photos by Clayton Conn
2 Voices From the Field: Puebla’s Campesinos Resisting the Theft of Their Land Jeff Abbott
3 Laws that Kill Protesters in Mexico Daniela Pastrana
4 Fracking Fights Loom Large in Mexico Kent Paterson
5 Mexico Rape Victim Faces Prison Time for Self-Defense Daniela Pastrana
6 Zapatistas Decide to Do Away with Subcomandante Marcos Orsetta Bellani, Translated by Danica Jorden
7 Photo Essay: Zapatistas Show Dignified Rage and Demand Justice and an End to Violence Targeting their Communities Tim Russo
8 Impunity and Dispossession in Mexico: San Sebastián Bachajón on the Anniversary of the Assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán Jessica Davies
9 Peoples’ Encounter in Resistance Against the Extractive Mining Model in Mexico James Rodríguez,
10 Va Por Kuy: Deadly "Non-Lethal" Weapons and Disappearance Under Peña-Nieto's Reign Andalucia Knoll
11 Canada Arms Mexico Dawn Paley
12 Living Legacy of Machismo: Rape Victim Charged for Self-Defense in Mexico Andalusia Knoll
13 The Zapatistas at 20: Building Autonomous Community Melissa Forbis interviewed by Johanna Brenner
14 Mexico’s Oil Belongs to Its Citizens, Not the Global 1% Yoshua Okón
15 Rage, Sadness, and Determination: Journalists in Mexico will not be Silenced Clayton Conn
16 New Forms of Revolution (Part 2): The Oaxaca Commune Gustavo Esteva
17 Zapatista Support Bases Under Attack: Call for a Week of National and International Solidarity Jessica Davies
18 Self-defense Groups and Community Police Forces in Mexico: Differences as Seen from the Villages Jaime Quintana Guerrero, Translation by Christina Hewitt
19 After The Plantones: Looking Back On An Autumn Of Struggle In Mexico City David Martinez
20 In the Fog: The Struggle for Power, Territory, and Justice in the Mexican State of Michoacán Clayton Conn
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