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Costa Rica Pressured by Pentagon/ WHINSEC

November 29, 2007 SOA Watch 0

The campaign spearheaded by social movements in Latin America and SOA Watch to move countries to withdraw from the SOA/WHINSEC has been tremendously successful. High-level meetings in Argentina, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Uruguay and Venezuela resulted […]

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New Politics in Old Bolivia: Public Opinion and Evo Morales

November 28, 2007 Benjamin Dangl 0

Evo Morales, Photo: ABI

Nearly two years into the presidency of Evo Morales, government officials and leftist social organizations are determined to break with the past and transform the nation. The opposition calls it a civil war. The government calls it a revolution. Other Bolivian activists and analysts call it business as usual.


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Bolivia: Three Dead in Capital Conflict

November 26, 2007 Andean Information Network 0

The chaotic conflict over the seat of the capital escalated over the past three days, leaving three people dead and 200 wounded.  The protests once again turned violent with the assembly’s subsequent approval of a draft of a new constitution with the presence of only MAS representatives inside a military installation.  […]

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