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Central America: Winners and Losers in the Global Mining Industry

July 18, 2008 Grahame Russell 0

There is a huge distance geographically between where the corporate, financial and investor decisions are taken to initiate and extend mining around the world, and the places – like San Miguel Ixtahuacan – where most of the harms and destruction caused by this type of mining are experienced. There is an even greater distance culturally, ethically and spiritually between the winners and losers in this global business enterprise. […]

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Metal Mining in Central America: Pain and Resistance

July 15, 2008 James Rodriguez 0

After almost a year of arduous work, Oxfam America will be presenting in Guatemala the photo-publication titled Metal Mining in Central America: Pain and Resistance. The negative impact produced by metal mining at industrial levels in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, as well as the many types of local resistance which have sprouted in the region, are documented visually and supported by investigative text throughout the publications’ 72 full-color pages.


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Solidarity Needed in Oaxaca

July 15, 2008 VOCAL 0

We of the space called Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom (VOCAL) are writing to denounce the serious climate of harassment, criminalization, and persecution that the Ulises Ruiz Ortiz government and the local news media […]

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The Soybean Crop in Uruguay: The Creation of a Power Block

July 15, 2008 Raúl Zibechi 0

Photo: Indymedia Uruguay

In Uruguay, as in all other countries in the region, the expansion of single-crop agriculture (monoculture) combined with the powerful presence of agri-multinationals, has led to the creation of new power blocks. This in turn creates a policy environment where important decisions are made to facilitate these groups. […]

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Nicaraguans Demand Justice From World Bank-Financed Sugar Cane Company

July 11, 2008 Sydney Frey 0

Workers march for health rights

Communities in the Northern Pacific lowlands of Nicaragua are hoping to attract national and international attention to their struggle against kidney disease among workers at the Ingenio San Antonio sugar cane company that owns and cultivates large stretches of land in the area. Workers are demanding medical care and compensation for the loss of their family members. […]

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