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Educational Reform Conflicts Continue in Chile

July 1, 2008 Matt Malinowski 0

Students protest legislation

Chile’s Chamber of Deputies approved the contentious General Education Law (LGE) with 96 votes in favor, 12 against, and seven abstentions on June 19. Officials from Chile’s National Teacher’s Association criticized the Chamber’s decision and the said they would urge the Senate to vote against the proposal.


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Harper’s Free Trade Mantra: Hush, Rush, and Sign

July 1, 2008 Dawn Paley 0

Nov. 2007 Protest in Toronto

This January, after little more than 6 months of negotiations, the Canadian Government announced the completion of negotiations of the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Six months later, on June 7, 2008, Canada announced that negotiations for a controversial Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Colombia were finalized.


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Mexico: Ulises Ruiz Ortiz Denied Entry Into Zaachila

July 1, 2008 elchapulin 0

Photo: malacalle

Oaxaca is not in peace. The conflict that exploded in 2006 continues unresolved, and is an open wound for everyone to see. Under the surface things are boiling and social conflicts seem ready to erupt at any moment. And that’s exactly what happened June 20 in Zaachila. […]

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