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Paraguay: Rocky Road Ahead for Lugo

August 14, 2008 David Vargas 0

Credit:Courtesy of the APC (IPS) – Amidst anticipation and apprehension regarding the imminent political transition, Paraguay is gearing up for Friday’s inauguration of centre-left President-elect Fernando Lugo, known as the "bishop of the poor", who […]

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The Street and the Ballot Box: Voices From Bolivia’s Recall Vote

Cochabamba, Bolivia – On August 10, Bolivian President Evo Morales won a resounding victory in Bolivia’s recall referendum. Regardless of what happens next, the vote invigorated Morales’ mandate in what was a broad endorsement from his base and beyond. As Toribio Terrazas, a farmer from outside Comunidad Mamenaca explained, "I want the president to continue because he is forging a good path for all Bolivians in the country." […]

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Repression of Documentary Filmmakers in Chile

August 14, 2008 Christian Peña 0

In the last five months there have been several incidents of arrest, detainment, and in one case expulsion of documentary filmakers by Chilean authorities. Each case is unique, but what they all have in common is that all three groups have been filming documentaries about the Mapuches. […]

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Ecuador’s Constitution and Mining

August 13, 2008 Carlos Zorrilla 0

If approved, Ecuador’s new constitution will force mining companies to share a minimum 65 percent of its profit with the state. This according to article 410 of the proposed constitution: "The State’s participation in the profits […]

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Guatemala: The Hope for an Endless Mine

August 12, 2008 Nathan Einbinder 0

Argued by critics as the next wave of land theft and imperialism, foreign controlled mining activity in Guatemala has increased from practically nothing ten years ago into massive concessions—equaling 10 percent or more of the entire country—giving nearly unlimited exploitative rights to the corporations. […]

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