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Colombia: Interview with Antonio Navarro Wolf

August 6, 2008 Clifton Ross 0

Antonio Navarro Wolf, a former guerrilla leader of the M-19 and currently governor of Nariño, talks with Upside Down World about his life in politics, what he hopes to accomplish as governor, and his views on the current political situation in Colombia. […]

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‘A New Alliance of the Americas’? Reflections of 1961 for Obama in 2008

August 5, 2008 Joshua Frens-String 0

In 2008, as the new regional dynamic of the Left continues to develop, now most often from within the seats of national power, the political rhetoric of re-engaging the region could end up looking a lot like the largely failed attempts at "paying attention" to Latin America through economic assistance programs, the Alliance for Progress of the 1960s being the prototype. Or worse yet, "paying attention" could transform itself into a replay of the bloody 1980s. […]

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