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Bolivia: Violent Groups Take Over Human Rights Organization

On September 9th a group of approximately 50 vandals entered by force, completely sacked and set on fire the offices of the Center for Juridical Studies and Social Investigation (CEJIS) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Eastern Bolivia. At 6 PM, three 4×4 vehicles and other motor vehicles arrived at the doors of the institution, from which descended youth armed with sticks, knives, torches and stones.

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Bolivia: U.S. Ambassador Expelled for Allegedly Supporting Violent Opposition

September 11, 2008 Franz Chávez 0

Philip Goldberg

Bolivian President Evo Morales has declared U.S. Ambassador to La Paz Philip Goldberg "persona non grata", after accusing him of aiding and abetting pro-autonomy opposition groups that are blocking highways and occupying government buildings, reducing the supply of natural gas to Brazil. "I am not afraid of anyone, not even the empire (the United States)," Morales said. […]

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Revolution! New Book Charts Roller Coaster Ride of South American Left

September 8, 2008 Benjamin Dangl 0

Throughout the past eight years of the Bush administration, North and South America have politically and economically been heading in opposite directions. While Bush waged wars, curtailed civil liberties and spread neoliberalism, South Americans stopped corporate looting, ousted corrupt presidents and developed economies for people instead of profit. Journalist Nikolas Kozloff’s new book, Revolution! South America and the Rise of the New Left looks behind the scenes and politics of this changing continent. […]

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