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P-MAS in Paraguay: Young Socialists Build a New Party from the Ground Up

September 8, 2008 Clifton Ross 0

The Party of the Movement Toward Socialism (P-MAS), has become a force to be reckoned with on the political stage of Paraguay. P-MAS is one of Latin America’s newest Socialist parties — it’s barely two years old, and the average age of its members is 25 — but it has already hit the radar screen of those following the political processes of Latin America. […]

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Venezuela: Creating an Endogenous Cooperative Culture

September 4, 2008 April Howard 0

Since 1998, the government of President Hugo Chavez has embarked on wide ranging projects to redistribute Venezuelan resources and services. A focus on educating Venezuelans to form state supported cooperatives has created over 227,000 new cooperatives since 1999. A look at pre-Chavez coops and the growth of coops over the last eight years in Venezuela shows the challenge of managing this exploding sector which now accounts for 14% of the country’s GDP. […]

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¿Habría cambio en la América de Obama?

September 4, 2008 Laura Carlsen 0

Fuente: Programa de las Américas Versión original: Would There Be Change in Obama’s Americas Policy?Traducción por: María Dolores Bolívar El gran debate en torno a cuánto—o qué tan poco—Barack Obama cambiaría nuestra desastrosa política exterior […]

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Interview with Former Bolivian Justice Minister Casimira Rodríguez

September 4, 2008 Nancy Romer 0

Casimira Rodríguez

Casimira Rodríguez spent decades organizing her fellow domestic workers into a union, which she founded in 1985. When Bolivian Evo Morales was elected president of Bolivia, he tapped Rodríguez to become the nation’s Justice Minister, a post she held for year. She spoke with Nancy Romer about her experience in government, the opposition to the government, the president’s relationship with social movements, and even offered advice to U.S. workers. […]

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Bolivia Confirms Constitution Vote

September 2, 2008 Prensa Latina 0

Source: Prensa Latina The Bolivian government ratified Tuesday that the forthcoming popular referendum over the new constitution will be held in December, as referred by presidential decree. The Executive also considered illegal the decision of […]

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