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Victory in the Amazon

June 23, 2009 Laura Carlsen 0

Source: Americas Program Thousands of indigenous people from the Amazon jungle of Peru accomplished the unthinkable early this month. Their movement to save the Amazon and their communities forced the Peruvian government to roll back […]

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Gangs, Security and Criminalization: Youth Experiences of Violence in El Salvador

June 19, 2009 Maria Hoisington 0

Police in El Salvador

As a result of ever-increasing rates of violence, number of gang members, and citizen insecurity, the government of El Salvador implemented a series of ‘zero tolerance’ policies in 2004, known as Mano Dura, or the Iron Fist. However, the gangs are not understood as the product of social and economic factors that leave youth with little opportunity for alternatives to crime.


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Quinoa Plants a Seed for Food Revolution in Colombia

June 17, 2009 Elyssa Pachico 0

The push to reintroduce long-lost native crops is one expression of Latin America’s burgeoning food sovereignty movement. Governments across Latin America are increasingly concerned with promoting the rural poor’s ability to live self-sufficiently on locally produced goods instead of dumped products often exported from monoculture farms. […]

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