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Peru: “The Order Was to Kill Us”

June 16, 2009 Milagros Salazar 0

Salomón Aguanash Credit:Milagros Salazar/IPS BAGUA, Peru, (IPS) – The Peruvian government described the recent deaths of police officers in clashes with indigenous protesters in the country’s Amazon rainforest as "genocide" at the hands of "extremist […]

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Appalachia and Colombia: The People Behind the Coal

June 15, 2009 Hans Bennett 0

An interview with Aviva Chomsky, professor of history and Latin American Studies at Salem State College in Massachusetts.

Chomsky is a founder of the North Shore Colombia Solidarity Committee, which has been working since 2002 with Colombian labor and popular movements, especially those affected by the foreign-owned mining sector. She just returned from a Witness for Peace delegation (May 28 – June 6) that traveled to two regions devastated by coal mining: the state of Kentucky and to northern Colombia. […]

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Avila TV in Venezuela: Revolutionizing Television

June 11, 2009 Lainie Cassel 0

In Venezuela they are a key force in the country’s ongoing media-war. Armed with video cameras, they are a team of some 380 young people working for Caracas television station, Avila TV. Started as an experiment just three years ago, according to one study it is now the third most watched station in the city. Funded completely by the government, they consider themselves a voice of President Hugo Chavez’s “socialist revolution.” […]

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Moving Forward: The Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples

June 9, 2009 Marc Becker 0

Five thousand Indigenous peoples from across the Americas gathered in the Peruvian highland city of Puno during the last week of May for the Fourth Continental Summit of Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala. The meeting ended with a massive plenary session that approved resolutions providing alternatives to the capitalist crisis that western civilization is currently experiencing. […]

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