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What is Behind the Bolivia-Islam Connection?

August 26, 2009 Devin Beaulieu 0

Bolivian Islamic Center Logo

It is a strange and unexpected sight in the middle of Bolivia, a country better known for alpaca sweaters and Marxist revolutionaries, but everyday from the curved towers of a mosque in the city of Santa Cruz goes out the call for Muslim prayer. One would not be embarrassed to have never imagined that the Bolivian Islamic Center ever existed in this country heavily dominated by Roman Catholicism and with a majority indigenous population. […]

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Reclaiming a Continent: Latin American Experiments in Democracy

August 24, 2009 Benjamin Dangl 0

Reclaiming Latin America: Experiments in Radical Social Democracy provides an in depth and accessible introduction to Latin American politics for people seeking to understand this past tumultuous and hopeful decade. While avoiding superficial analysis and simplistic leftist cheerleading, this book addresses the complexity and diversity of the new Latin American left. […]

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