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Uribe’s “New” Colombia

August 19, 2009 Lainie Cassel 0

Civil conflict, high-profile kidnappings, and entire cities run by drug cartels; these are just some of the images of violence and terror that steered tourists away from Colombia for over thirty years. […]

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Colombia: The Embera Struggle to Save a Sacred Mountain

August 18, 2009 Kate Warburton 0

Conflicts between multinational corporations and indigenous groups are not only confined to legal debates over property rights. For the Embera in Choco, a fight against a controversial mining project in the region isn’t just a conflict about their legal ownership of the land. This project threatens to completely wipe out their ancient culture. […]

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“The Only Crime” in Honduras

August 16, 2009 Sandra Cuffe 0

Repression against the national movement opposing the military coup in Honduras has become a daily occurrence. All over the country, police and the army are using tactics of terror and violence to disperse protests and illegally detain demonstrators. […]

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