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Obama’s Dirty War On Immigrants

October 26, 2009 Shamus Cooke 0

Under Bush, immigrant communities lived in a constant state of fear. This scenario has changed only slightly under Obama, and some say for the worst.  Obama’s campaign promise of undoing Bush’s immigration strategy was, like nearly every other promise he’s made, a blatant lie.  Instead, he’s adopted the “enforcement first” immigration approach: John McCain’s campaign platform which Obama once mocked.  […]

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Presidential Elections in Uruguay: Former Guerrilla vs Neoliberal

October 23, 2009 Darío Montero 0

José Mujica

The streets of the Uruguayan capital are a blur of white, red and blue in the final stretch to Sunday’s elections, which the governing left-wing Broad Front (FA) coalition stands a good chance of winning. The big question now is whether the FA will win outright on Sunday, or will have to go to a runoff in November. Opinion polls indicate that the left-wing coalition’s candidate, former guerrilla fighter José Mujica, will not take the 50 percent plus one vote needed on Sunday to avoid a second round. […]

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