Unnatural Devastation in Haiti

February 4, 2010 Joseph Shansky 0

Joëlle Vitiello is a professor of French and Francophone studies at Macalester College in St. Paul. She also studies Haitian literature, and happened to be in Port-au-Prince on January 12, an eyewitness to the recent earthquake in Haiti. Upside Down World interviewed Vitiello about her experiences during the earthquake, the aftermath, and what the future of Haiti now looks like.


High School Diploma Programs in Argentina: Learning on the Move

February 3, 2010 Raúl Zibechi 0

Thirty high school diploma programs are in progress in refurbished factories and neighborhoods where unemployment groups are still in operation. They serve adults that were not able to complete their secondary education, testifying to the fact that the cycle of protest has not ended, although its forms and methods of action have changed.


Haiti: The Impacts of Militarized Aid

February 2, 2010 Jamie Way 0

As the story of the tragedy in Haiti continues to unfold, the spotlight seems to have turned away from the aid and the tragedy itself, and instead now largely focuses on the U.S. military aid effort. Doctors Without Borders and the director of French aid have both complained that the U.S. military has impeded the progress of the relief mission. Regardless of what troop increases may represent, it undoubtedly highlights a problematic trend in development aid effort; aid is often militarized.


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