After the Earthquake: One Thousand Tents for Haiti

February 11, 2010 Joseph Shansky 0

As the extent of the destruction in Haiti becomes clear, so do the priorities on the ground. The majority of Haitians affected by the earthquake are now homeless, and the need for shelter is urgent. There are many ways to help for those who cannot afford to donate money, and innovation has become a major theme in many of the smaller grassroots efforts.



184 Communes Currently in Formation in Venezuela

February 10, 2010 Tamara Pearson 0

With 184 socialist communes in construction in Venezuela, yesterday, during his weekly TV show Alo Presidente, president Hugo Chavez emphasised the need for “production independent of the capitalist market” in these communes and in general, and also directed Caracas mayor Jorge Rodriguez to expropriate buildings in plaza Bolivar in order to rescue the city’s history.


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