Panama: General Strike Against Killings

July 30, 2010 Federico Fuentes 0

When right-wing billionaire Ricardo Martinelli was elected Panama’s president in May 2009, political commentators heralded it as a sign that Latin Americans were becoming disillusioned with the “pink tide” of progressive and leftist governments. But one year later, the Martinelli government is facing a wave of resistance to its anti-labour and anti-union laws. Resistance has grown in the face of deadly repression. […]

López Obrador’s Alternative Plans for Mexico

July 29, 2010 Daniel McCool 0

Mexico’s poor performance both politically and economically over the past few years cannot only be blamed on external factors, according to López Obrador. He is critical of the neo-liberal model being followed by the National Action Party of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa and has an alternative plan which he presented to the nation on July 25th in the main plaza of Mexico City.


Protest Against Canadian Mine in Mexico

July 27, 2010 Meredith DeFrancesco 0
Activists in Cerro de San Pedro, Mexico, blocked a highly unpopular gold mine on July 22 that continues to operate despite government orders to desist. Activists announced that if the Canadian company, New Gold Inc., and its subsidiary, Mineria San Xavier, continue their illegal operations, there would be more blockades of the mine in the future.
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