Take Action! End the Brutal Repression of the Honduran Social Movement

August 30, 2010 Honduras Solidarity Network 0

A coalition of U.S. organizations today denounced the exercise of violent repression by Honduran military and police forces against members of a striking teacher’s union at a university in Tegucigalpa. The group referred to military and police attacks against members of the teacher’s union, COPEMH (Colegio de Profesores de Educación Media de Honduras) and their supporters, which took place at The National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazan in Tegucigalpa on August 26 and 27.


Project of Mass Destruction: Goldcorp’s Peñasquito Mine in Mexico

Five years ago, a new neighbor arrived in Mazapil promising employment, medical services and general development for the peasant communities of Cedros, Las Palmas, and El Vergel, among others. Unfortunately, the new neighbor has failed to deliver and hope for a brighter future has dimmed among the locals. In fact, the new neighbor, Goldcorp’s Peñasquito Mine, has turned out to be a very troublesome addition to the community as its main contributions involve environmental contamination and guzzling of the scarce water sources.


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Water or Gold in Ecuador

August 25, 2010 Al Jazeera 0

Source: Al Jazeera Like many South American countries, Ecuador has long been an exporter of raw materials – from agricultural produce such as cocoa and bananas, to oil, which alone accounts for more than half of […]

Photo: La Razon

Potosí, Bolivia Protest: Resolved or Postponed?

On August 16, after 19 days of blockades and hunger strikes in urban Potosí and surrounding areas, Potosí civic leaders and MAS officials reached an agreement to end protests.  After protest leaders and Bolivian government officials met in Sucre, the Morales administration agreed to begin work on the demonstrators’ six demands. […]

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