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Holding Mexico Hostage

December 31, 2010 J. Reed Brundage 0

Source: Americas Mexico Blog   President Felipe Calderon, in a recent interview, said that if it were not for his war against the drug cartels, his government – and all of Mexico – “would be […]

OAS Diplomat’s Words Rattle Haiti’s Occupation Regime

December 29, 2010 Roger Annis 0

As the one-year anniversary of Haiti’s earthquake approaches, a brutally frank account of the plight of its people has been delivered by a highly placed diplomat. Ricardo Seitenfus, the representative to Haiti of the Organization of American States, delivered a hard-hitting assessment of the foreign role in that country in an interview published in the December 20 edition of the Swiss daily Le Temps.


Understanding Empire in Latin America

December 29, 2010 Benjamin Dangl 0

The past ten years in Latin America have witnessed a major shift to the left in both the halls of government power and society. This transformation resulted in a flurry of newspaper articles and books seeking to explain George W. Bush’s imperial designs, the leftist trend in the region and the dynamics of US-Latin American relations. […]

The Legacy of the Nueva Canción: An Interview with Patricio Manns

Patricio Manns, Chilean poet, author, singer and songwriter is one of the few whose work is a testimony to history. Despite current trends and contemporary politics, which contribute a difference to ideology and culture, Manns remains committed to the universality of the Nueva Canción, and continues to be a revolutionary voice, recognizing the necessity of it and promoting the movement through his numerous works.

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