Rebellion in the Brazilian Amazon

April 21, 2011 Raúl Zibechi 0
During the month of March 2011 the biggest social protest by workers in many years erupted in Brazil. More than 80,000 workers all over the country paralyzed the work of “progress” in the form of hydroelectric plants, refineries, and thermoelectric generating facilities. The spark of the protest was lit in Jirau, in the Amazon jungle, provoked by arbitrary action, violence, and authoritarianism.

From The “Dirty War” to Poisoned Food: The World According to Marie-Monique Robin

Marie-Monique Robin’s investigation Death Squadrons: The French School helped shed light on the terrorist acts committed by the State during Argentina’s Dirty War. Recently she testified in two lawsuits concerning crimes against humanity in Argentina. Her new book, Our Daily Poison, investigates the pollutants that contaminate the production of food, and the corporations that want to cover them up.


Águilas Negras: Rising from the Ashes of Demobilization in Colombia

April 14, 2011 C.L. Smith 0
With extensive prior experience in irregular warfare and the exportation of cocaine shipments, the Águilas Negras freed itself from the ideological constraints that circumscribed the AUC’s code of conduct and rapidly became one of the most powerful armed criminal organizations in Colombia. The newfound freedom of association and action coincided with a marked rise in human rights abuses and violence attributable to the group, as it has recently expanded their operations into bordering states of Venezuela, a disturbing trend that has been met with official complaisance in Washington and Bogotá alike.

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