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Paraguay: ‘There are More Dead Comrades’

The death of 18 people, among them 11 campesinos, occurred last Friday when police cleared, without prior dialogue, an estate occupied by landless campesinos in the northeast of Paraguay. “What happened was a slaughter of our comrades. Many lies are being told to discredit the campesinos, who are struggling to obtain their own land to work, who are fighting for the rights given to them by land reform, declared Damasio Quiroga, general secretary of the Paraguayan Campesino Movement.


Rio+20: Declaration of Kari-Oca II Adopted by Five Hundred Indigenous Representatives in Sacred Ceremony

June 21, 2012 Jeff Conant 0

Over five hundred Indigenous Peoples from Brazil and throughout the world gathered at Kari-Oca II, an encampment seated at the foot of a mountain near Rio Centro, to sign a declaration demanding respect for Indigenous Peoples’ role in maintaining a stable world environment, and condemning the dominant economic approach toward ecology, development, human rights and the rights of Mother Earth.


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Uruguay plans to legalize marijuana sale

June 21, 2012 Al Jazeera 0

Source: Al Jazeera Bill framed to legalise production and sale of drug, whose consumption is already legal in the South American country. Uruguay is set to introduce legislation allowing the state to sell and distribute […]

Behind the Headlines in Mexico

June 20, 2012 Dawn Paley 0

Original reporting on organized crime and the drug war is dangerous and sometimes deadly in Mexico. The Mexican magazine Contralínea reports that 93 journalists have been assassinated and 16 disappeared since 2000. The U.S. and Mexican police, army and government have become the principle sources of information for what is taking place in increasingly violent areas throughout Mexico. […]

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