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Haiti’s New Dictatorship

December 19, 2012 Justin Podur 0

Source: The Bullet What constitutes a dictatorship? Haiti had an election in 2006, which the popular candidate won. It had an election in 2011, which had one of the lowest turnouts in recent history and […]

Colombia: Dismantling a Half-Century of Conflict

December 19, 2012 Raúl Zibechi 0

The negotiations between the government and the guerrilla forces are seen by a large part of the Colombian public as a good opportunity to seal a peace deal. Many believe that the hour has come and that the main actors in the conflict will not let this opportunity escape. The reality, however, is much more complicated.


Soccer and Sea Turtles: Community Conservation in Guatemala

December 19, 2012 Sarah Lucas and Matt Schwartz 0

In the coastal village of La Barrona, residents make their living through small scale fishing, and sea turtle egg harvesting, and build their houses and fires from the local Mangrove forests. These are all resources that will dry up if not cared for, particularly the eggs of the vulnerable olive ridley sea turtle. UK-based non-profit Akazul and former turtle egg collector Melvin Monterroso created a soccer and environmental education program to teach children to learn to conserve the community’s resources.


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Venezuela’s 2012 State Election: Lessons for Chavismo and the Opposition

December 19, 2012 Ewan Robertson 0

While the voting trends described above do not show a sudden surge in support for the PSUV beyond previous levels, it would certainly be fair to say that the PSUV managed to hold up their vote well across the country in an election marked by lower levels of participation, and in particular managed to increase their absolute vote in key “swing” states to make gains from the opposition.


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