Honduran Congress Moving to Dismiss Supreme Court Justices over Police Reform

After the Honduran Supreme Court ruled a Police Reform Bill unconstitutional because it violates police officers’ right to due process, the Congress, lead by President Porfirio Lobo, have recommented dissimissing the four dissenting Judges from the Court, in what is being called a “technical coup” against the judiciary branch. President Lobo himself took power after a coup in 2009.


Paraguayan Government Deploys Joint Military-Police Force to Monitor Upcoming Human Rights March for “Violent Infiltrators”

The Paraguayan Minister of the Interior, Carmelo Caballero, announced that the military will back the police during the first two weeks of December in reaction to “intelligence information” about possible escapes from jails and  “infiltrators” in the upcoming human rights protest planned for Monday, December 10, who are “planning to destabilize the government.”


A Dream Come True for the Mining Industry: A Response to Correa’s Proposal to “Deal With Radicals”

In the last few years, Latin American governments have been adjusting their legislation to categorize marches, demonstrations, the occupation of roads and public buildings, and, ing general, manifestations of social protest as terrorism. Correa’s proposal of an interrnational, coordinated persecution of social protest related to mining opposition is a dream come true for the mining industry.


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