Book Review – Grabbing Power: The New Struggles for Land, Food and Democracy in Northern Honduras

February 25, 2013 Chuck Kaufman 0

Tanya Kerssen does a good job of describing the several peasant unions in the Aguan and the divisions caused by their different histories and experiences based on varying levels of land titles and the levels of violence and repression on them. However, they do unite in opposition to the coup and against the coordinated violence of the police, military, and the paramilitary thugs of the big landowners, while also forming a pillar of strength within the FNRP.


Guatemala’s Deadly Lifeline: Over-Reliance on the United States

February 21, 2013 John Washington 0

Guatemala is a country full of contradictions. Grinding poverty, political ineptitude and a recent wave of violence and murder can easily make one forget that it is a country, the largest and most populous in Central America, incredibly rich in natural resources and full of working age youth. One result of these contradictions is forcced internal and external migration.


Protest in Coyhaique, Chile, sm

Tough Questions for Chile as Ongoing Protests Stall Patagonian Dam Project

February 21, 2013 Diego Cupolo 0

Many Chileans are asking themselves what kind of energy future they want for their country. As the growing nation faces higher energy demands and prices. Government officials and business leaders have long seen the HidroAysén Dam project as the ultimate solution to expand the country’s electric grid, but the project has met met with fierce, sometimes violent resistance from student protesters in Santiago and residents of Chile’s Patagonia.


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