Argentina Profunda: Extractivism and Resistance

“The root of the land conflicts lies in the dispute over the use and control of territorial space stemming from the imposition of one culture over another. On the one side is agribusiness, where land is a space to produce and do business. On the other side there is indigenous and peasant culture, where land is understood to be a place for life,” stated the Chaco Argentina Agroforestry Network (REDAF) in a recent report.


Ecuador’s Rafael Correa Re-elected by a Wide Margin

February 18, 2013 Marc Becker 0

Rafael Correa cruised to re-election on Sunday with 57 percent of the vote, while conservative banker Guillermo Lasso came in a distant second place with 23 percent. Surprising was how poorly Ecuador’s left fared in the election. Former close Correa ally Alberto Acosta running at the head of a leftist coalition that opposes the government’s neo-extractivist policies won just 3 percent of the vote.


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