“Humanity Has Lost a Titan”: Interview with William I. Robinson on the Legacy of Hugo Chavez

March 21, 2013 Eleftherotypia 0

Chavez not only rejected neo-liberalism. He put socialism back on the public agenda at a time when apologists for global capitalism were still claiming it was “the End of History” and when the defeatist left was insisting that we had to be “realistic” and “pragmatic,” to renounce anti-capitalism, and to limit ourselves to putting a “human face” on the capitalist system.


Cauca: Lines Drawn at the Heart of Colombia’s Crisis

March 21, 2013 Brian Fitzpatrick 0

Where they have been able, Cauca’s indigenous Nasa people have stood firm, campaigning to have all armed actors removed from their lands. The Indigenous Guard’s July 2012 dragging of six troops from a hill in Toribío, Cauca saw images of bawling army sergeant Rodrigo Garcia beamed around the globe, however the Nasa’s arrests of suspected guerrillas in the same period gained less exposure.



View of Copper Canyon from Divisadero

Rarámuri Delegation from Mexico arrives in Washington

March 14, 2013 Dawn Paley 0

Four representatives from Rarámuri communities have made the long trip from their remote communities to Washington, DC, to appear before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, where they will appear today at 5pm. It is expected the four representatives, who are backed by 41 Indigenous governors, will testify about logging, tourism, and other issues impacting their communities.


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