Bolivia: Amid Gas, Where Is the Revolution?

May 31, 2013 Bret Gustafson 0

The political victories of anti-neoliberal movements and regimes have opened a new chapter in Latin American history, yet the embrace of extractive industries has generated deep paradoxes for those committed to addressing inequality and the crisis of nature.


Mexico: Efforts to Provide HIV-AIDS and Other Health Services to Migrants Face Major Obstacles

May 31, 2013 Alexandra McAnarney 0

Since 2007, HIV and AIDS rates have gone up throughout rural Mexican states, partly as a result of returning migrants who have engaged in high-risk behaviors in the United States and not been able to receive diagnosis or treatment.  Medical experts are shifting their attention to the particular dangers faced by Central American migrants—human trafficking, sexual abuse, prostitution, isolation, depression, and drug use—as vectors driving these numbers, especially in the southernmost state of Chiapas, where 40,000 to 60,000 migrants cross through in the hope of finding a better life in Mexico or the United States.


Book Review: Puerto Rican Independentista Oscar López Rivera’s 32 Years of Resistance to Torture

May 29, 2013 Hans Bennett 0

Wednesday, May 29, marks 32 years since Puerto Rican activist Oscar López Rivera was arrested and later convicted of “seditious conspiracy,” a questionable charge that Archbishop Desmond Tutu has interpreted to mean “conspiring to free his people from the shackles of imperial injustice.” Today, 70-year-old Oscar López Rivera, never accused of hurting anyone, remains in a cell at FCI Terre Haute, in Indiana. Supporters around the world continue to seek his release, most recently by asking US President Barack Obama for a commutation of his sentence.


The Struggle Continues for Justice for Genocide in Guatemala

May 23, 2013 Grahame Russell 0

This article is about people suffering, surviving and living in the aftermath of the genocides in Guatemala, and how they keep their sights on truth and justice, beyond the cruelty and oppression that so devastated them.  It includes a short story about a tenacious and collective struggle of red ants in Chichipate, Guatemala.


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