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Mexico’s Blood Banks

November 19, 2013 Peter Watt 0

Source: NACLA Attempts to rescue the brutal past from historical amnesia and indifference have been an immense challenge for Argentine, Guatemalan, Salvadoran, Chilean, Paraguayan, and Uruguayan human rights campaigners and victims of political repression, and […]

Honduras: A Partial Victory for the Campaign to Free “Chavelo” Morales

November 18, 2013 Greg McCain 0

The judges in the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras rendered their decision on Novemeber 5 in the case of Jose Isabel “Chavelo” Morales, partially siding with his lawyers’ appeal. The judges annulled the conviction and the 20-year sentence and they ordered that he be released from prison, but they have returned the case to the lower court in Trujillo for retrial. Most significantly, Chavelo can remain free during this new process.


Putting Profits over People: Extractivism and Human Rights in Colombia

November 15, 2013 Mariel Pérez and Dana Brown 0

Colombian human rights organization CINEP notes an exponential rise since 2008 in the number of social movements protesting extractive industries such as carbon, gold, and petroleum, seemingly in response to the increased economic focus on mining. Although Colombians are exercising their constitutional rights in mobilizing against these devastating large-scale mining projects, the recent murders of brave defenders show the high risks involved in confronting the powerful economic and political interests at stake in large-scale extractive projects.


Canada Signs Free Trade Deal with Honduras amid Pre-electoral Repression

November 14, 2013 Sandra Cuffe 0

“It’s really uncertain what’s going to happen with the elections,” said Karen Spring, a Canadian human rights activist living in Honduras. “It’s a lot less likely for [Canada] to have a government – and the political conditions and the economic conditions – in [Honduras] that would approve the free trade agreement or would allow it to be approved.”


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