Water Festival of El Carmen de Viboral: Communities Resist Water Privatization and Multinational Mining in Colombia

November 13, 2013 Gina Spigarelli 0

Queremos agua! Queremos maíz! Multinacionales fuera del país!” yelled the protesters on October 26th as they marched through the streets of El Carmen de Viboral in Eastern Antioquia, Colombia. Around 1,000 people representing 60 grassroots organizations from 17 municipalities of the region traveled to participate in the fourth annual Water Festival, “for the autonomy, defense of territory, life and peace.”


Remembering Brad Will in Mexico

October 27th marked seven years of Brad Will living in the memory of Oaxacans, as well as those other fallen 26 from 2006. It marks seven years of demanding justice for them all. Every year hundreds of people mobilize and leave flowers and offerings at the Calicanto barricade. Some people bring food, coffee and bread to share with those participating in the activities and to the rhythm of son de la barricada [a popular protest song of the uprising].


Nueva Esperanza, Honduras: Against the Same Old Neoliberal Agenda

November 7, 2013 Greg McCain 0

“In this country, elections aren’t going to change anything,” said Francisco. “If Xiomara wins, but Libre doesn’t have enough votes (in Congress) to stop Juan Orlando (JOH) then what is to stop there being another coup, and even if Libre does have enough to stop that, who controls the military? All we can do is keep struggling to keep what little we have. We have no other options.”


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