“Our Struggle Has No Borders:” Ayotzinapa’s Caravana 43 Circulates Through South America

June 11, 2015 Armando Carmona 0

The Caravana 43 has emerged as a strategy to circulate struggle, disrupt misinformation, and create a context for a deeper discussion on how state violence and repression has become systematic in Mexico and in other parts of the world. The Caravana 43 has travelled throughout the United States, Canada, several countries in Europe and most recently has crossed through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.


(AP Photo/Martin Mejia)

Peru’s Tia Maria Mining Conflict: Another Mega Imposition

June 11, 2015 Lynda Sullivan 0

The Tia Maria project, an open-pit mine proposed by Southern Copper Corporation, threatens to poison land farmed by rural communities in the interior of Peru. Currently, the government has lent Southern the force of the national army, the bureaucracy of the courts, and the loudspeaker of corporate media to fight the opposition of local farmers and elected officials. To date, the conflict has claimed eight lives.


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