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Activism and Commentary

Labor and the Bush Agenda: Michelle Chen

An Interview with Leslie Cagan: Benjamin Dangl and Andrew Kennis

Arrestees, Lawyers, Medics Condemn Conditions of RNC Protest Detention: Benjamin Dangl Articles on the Republican National Convention Protests

Philadelphia’s Affordable Housing Coalition: Rafi Rom Oh, Give Me A HomeHYPERLINK "": Rafi Rom and Noah Levitt UN, NGOs Battle to Back Women in Conflict Areas: Michelle Chen Imperialism With a Spin: Tracy McLellan


After the Coup: ‘Humanitarian Abyss’ in Nepal: David Baake


The CIA’s New Client in Sudan: David Baake

US Election 2004

Swinging the Vote, One Door at a Time: Benjamin Dangl

Voter Suppression Becomes Biggest Election ‘Issue’HYPERLINK "": Benjamin Dangl and Brendan Coyne Reflections on the Kerry Campaign in the City of Brotherly Love: Benjamin DanglLegal Status of 527 Groups Provokes Debate: Benjamin Dangl Chasing the Youth Vote Rafi Rom and Vincent Valdimanis

The Middle East

Where’s the Outrage?: Ken SandersSanctions: Iraq’s Recent History: Ali TonakTurkey and the European Union: Ali Tonak What’s Wrong With Israel’s Disengagement Plan?: Rafi Rom

Two U.S. Guardsmen Recall Their Year in Iraq: Owen Thompson Report from Baghdad: How the U.S. Occupation Went Wrong: Mark Juergensmeyer Iraq: The Devastation: Dhar Jamail

From Angola to Kazakhstan: How to Cure Corruption in Oil-Rich States: Jonathan Reingold

Iraqi Labor Unions, An Untapped Force For Change: Jonathan Reingold

Activism and Commentary

Censorship at the Local Library: Charles M. Heinlen Reform at Wal-Mart?: Nico Pitney

Happy Anniversary at the Oakland Docks: Ali Tonak

Coverage of the Republican National Convention Protests

Unwelcoming the G8: Benjamin Dangl Lawyers, Guns and Money: "The IMF and World Bank Celebrate Sixty Years of Infamy Benjamin Dangl FTAA Protests in Miami
Ali Tonak, 11/19/03
The Real Cancun
Ali Tonak, Tessa Brudevold-Iverson, 11/10/03
NAFTA, Farming and the Aracata Eye
Mneesha Gellman 10/14/03
IMF Protests, Wash. DC, 2002
Ben Dangl, 10/02

Travel Writing and Fiction

816 Ice Cream Flavors, a Revolution and a Fortune-Telling Bird: Benjamin Dangl

The Bus That Never Arrived:Benjamin DanglAccordions, Trash Collectors and Secret Countries: Benjamin DanglA Soviet Sign on the Roof and Jewels of the Coup
Both by Pedro Lemebel Translated by April Howard
Water Issues in Bolivia
Joe Lowe, 1/11/04
The Vanquished Department of Bee Keeping
Emily McNair, 11/30/03
Tipa, Tipa, Field Report From Rural Bolivia
Joe Lowe, 11/11/03
Picnic on Air, Excerpts From the Novel
Ben Dangl
A Tourist in Latin America
Ben Dangl, 8/02
Tubas and Neon Bibles: Benjamin Dangl

Film and Book Reviews

Voting With Your Fork in a Fast Food World: Benjamin Dangl

On Globalization and its Discontents Rafi Rom

Poverty in America: Rafi Rom

Socialism and the Energy Question

Socialism and the Energy Question, Part 2 Brian Yanity

Socialism and the Energy Question, Part 1: Brian Yanity

Socialism and the Energy Question, Part Three: Brian Yanity


An Interview With Michael Hardt:Benjamin Dangl Legalizing Colonization, An Interview With Evo Morales
Ben Dangl, 12/08/03
"I Recommend That You Leave The Country, Senora!" April Howard, 10/30/03
Interview with Ignacio Ramonet
April Howard and Ben Dangl, 10/4/03
Interview with V.H. de la Fuente, Le Monde Diplomatique, Chile Ben Dangl, 9/10/03
Interview with Ignacio Ramonet, Lucas PaleroAn Interview with Jonathan Schell: Benjamin Dangl
An Interview With Heidi Boghosian Benjamin Dangl An Interview with Seymour Hersh: David Barsamian An Interview with Trilochan Sastry: Vincent Valdmanis An Interview With Punk Rock Band 1905: Matt DineenEncountering Hunter Thompson: Jim CharlesAn Interview With Jason West: Owen Thompson

The Peace Movement: Is "No" A Strategy?: Benjamin DanglInternational Anti-Missile Protest at Fort Greely, Alaska: Brian Yanity G8 Security Clamps Down on Local Residents: Benjamin Dangl Afghanistan’s Parallel Economy: Skaven Blight From Baghdad to Terre Haute: Gulf War Veterans & the American Cycle of Violence: Matt Dineen