To mail us your donation:

1. Please Enclose this form with your check made out to "Upside Down World." 

2. Send Your Donation to:  

Upside Down World 
Attn: Cyril Mychalejko 
34 McConkey Drive

Washington Crossing, PA 18977 

3. Choose Your Thank-You T-shirt! Donate $30 or more and receive an Upside Down World T-shirt! If you would like more than one, calculate how many you want to receive for a minimum donation of $30 a piece.   

Please mark one of the following:  

_____Yes!  Please send me an Upside Down World T-shirt in the size of my choice. 

_____ No thanks, I want all of my donation to go to Upside Down World. 

Indicate the shirts you would like to receive by marking a number next to your size preference (we will send you one shirt for every $20 donation)  

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