Morales Bans DEA Agents from Bolivia


Bolivian President Evo Morales accused US anti-drug agents of spying on Saturday and barred them from the Andean country until further notice. Morales charged that US Drug Enforcement Administration agents had conducted espionage and financed criminal groups. Morales also accused the DEA of maintaining ties with anti-government groups that staged violent protests in eastern and central regions governed by the opposition in September.

Evo Morales: “From this day forward, the activity of the North American DEA is suspended indefinitely. We are proud, as Bolivians, of defending the sovereignty and dignity of the Bolivian people. And it’s not because of this (suspending of DEA activity) that we are voluntarily reducing (the coca crops). Nor are we going to leave the fight against drug trafficking. We are going to continue. Imagine, two months from the conclusion of this year, we already have reduced 5,000 hectares.”