Fear of “Gay Planet” in El Salvador

The right wing Christian Democratic Party (PDC) has proposed an amendment to El Salvador’s constitution that would define marriage as between one man and one woman ("as so born"). The proposal also bans adoption by gay couples.

President Tony Saca quickly praised the PDC’s proposal and called for its ratification in the next session of El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly (AL). Other political parties also joined in support, including center-left Democratic Change Party, and the Front for Democratic Revolution (FDR). A representative for the right-wing National Conciliation Party stated they would support the initiative because, "we are machos, not limp-wristed." The leftist FMLN party will meet Wednesday to discuss the measure and announce a position on Thursday.

A constitutional change requires 56 votes in the National Assembly, and even if all the other parties support it, the FMLN’s 32 votes in opposition would kill the Bill.