A Selection of News and Views on the Passage of CAFTA (8/01/05)

The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) was passed in Congress by 2 votes on Wednesday, July 27th around midnight. Here’s a selection of articles on the passage of CAFTA, the trade agreement itself and how we might be able to stop similar "agreements" from being passed in the future.

Despite Broad Opposition, House Passes Free Trade Deal
by Brendan Coyne

Economic Policy Institute:NAFTA’S Cautionary Tale
Recent history suggests CAFTA could lead to further U.S. job displacement

Targeting the 15 Democratic Sellouts Who Passed CAFTA
by David Sirota

CAFTA Voting Irregularities, A Troubling Report from Democracy Now!

Public Citizen:NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-State Cases: Lessons for the Central America Free Trade Agreement

How CAFTA Passed by Two Votes, by Edmund L. Andrews

Channel CAFTA Energy Toward the WTO
by Kirsten Schwind

CAFTA Passage May Hurt Other Deals

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls CAFTA ‘Perverse’

The CAFTA Fifteen: The New Heroes of the Poor?
by Steven Sherman

Democracy Sold Out – CAFTA Approved by Pork and a Hill of Beans
Razor Thin Vote Seals Fate Against More Expansion of NAFTA

by Deborah James

A close look CAFTA, by Michelle Chen, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

New Fair Trade Model Needed, by Mischa Gaus

How the West Was Lost
CAFTA and the Disassembling of America


CAFTA, Part of the FTAA Puzzle

Will CAFTA be a boon to farmers and the food industry?
NAFTA’s failed promises are doomed to be repeated

CAFTA Win Sends Mixed Signals On US Govt-Analysts

The Doubtful Deals Driving CAFTA

CAFTA alone does little to fight poverty -UN group

Numerous Resources and Information on CAFTA from Americas.org

Resources on CAFTA and How to stop future free trade agreements