Mexico’s Unfair Trade With Europe

Like NAFTA, the Mexico-European Union free trade agreement has failed to delivered promised "benefits" to Mexicans.

"The Europeans frequently say that their agreement with Mexico focuses on the fields of democracy and human rights. But in practice, it has functioned as just another free trade deal, and other countries should take that into account when they negotiate," Norma Castañeda, with Equipo Pueblo – a local non-governmental organisation working on development issues from a human rights-based approach – told IPS.

Mexico’s trade deficit with the EU shot up from 9.16 billion dollars in 2000 to 14.4 billion in 2004. Activists claim that the treaty failed help boost scientific research programmes, small and medium businesses, and the promotion of human rights and democracy, which was expected.

The EU is seeking other trade accords with countries throughout South and Central America.

Manuel Pérez, an activist with the Mexican Action Network on Free Trade (RMALC) said this trade agreement "serves as an example for Latin America of the wrong route to follow with Europe."