NED’s Journalist in Haiti

Regine Alexandre, a freelance reporter working in Haiti who has written for the AP and New York Times, was recently outed as a consultant for the controversial National Endowment for Democracy.

The AP terminated its relationship with Alexandre after learning of her second job with the U.S. government-sponsored organization.

"AP employees must avoid any behavior or activities that create a conflict of interest or compromise our ability to report the news fairly and accurately," said Mike Silverman, the news agency’s managing editor.

Alexandre denies ever working for the NED. The NED maintains that she did in fact work for the organization, but that they were unaware of her job as a journalist.

It has also been reported that Alexandre worked with the Association of Haitian Women Journalists (AMIFEH), a group that receives NED funding. Part of AMIFEH’s work is to train Haitian journalists how to cover elections.