Nicaraguan Doctors Strike Ends

Two-thousand doctors from Nicaragua’s public hospital system signed an accord with the Ministry of Health on May 13, ending a six-month strike.

Doctors agreed to return to work last Saturday as the government committed to a 16.25% increase, effective this month. Doctors also won a no-retaliation pact that includes re-hiring and back pay for all medical personnel fired during the strike.

The President of the workers’ organization, Elio Artola, thanked the Nicaraguan people, "who gave us total support in spite of being the most persecuted, for which we ask forgiveness┬ů" On May 11, students joined doctors in streets protests centered around the doctors demands for a salary increase.

Nicaraguan doctors are among the lowest paid in Central America. The base salary is between $200 and $350, depending on experience. The labor agreement was hashed out thanks to the facilitation of Archbishop of Managua, Leopoldo Brenes.