Book Review: Memory and Justice in Democratic Chile

May 31, 2011 Ramona Wadi 0

Reckoning with Pinochet delves into the memory question and the process through which memory became an essential part of Chilean culture. Drawing on the obvious split of loyalties within Chilean society, Stern vividly portrays the memory of both sides, bringing to light a conclusion which, despite the obvious, has the tendency to remain cloistered in a realm of its own.


Living under the Oppression of Democracy – The Mapuche People of Chile

January 31, 2011 Ramona Wadi 0

The United Nations, Human Rights Watch and the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racism have condemned Chile’s Anti-Terrorism Law and its use against the Mapuche. According to Pedro Cayuqueo, editor of the Mapuche newspaper Azkintuwe, around 1000 Mapuches have been in Chilean jails in the past ten years. In the beginning of 2010, 106 people were jailed and 58 of them were tried under the Anti-Terrorism law.


The Legacy of the Nueva Canción: An Interview with Patricio Manns

Patricio Manns, Chilean poet, author, singer and songwriter is one of the few whose work is a testimony to history. Despite current trends and contemporary politics, which contribute a difference to ideology and culture, Manns remains committed to the universality of the Nueva Canción, and continues to be a revolutionary voice, recognizing the necessity of it and promoting the movement through his numerous works.

Immigrant Rights Activist, and Former Torture Victim from Chile Faces Deprotation

October 13, 2010 Lainie Cassel 0
When Victor Toro settled with his family in the Bronx over 20 years ago he thought he had finally found a place to call home. After being tortured and imprisoned for his work as a Chilean activist under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in the 1970’s, Toro spent several years jumping from country to country in search of a safe haven, until finally settling in New York City in 1986. Now 68 years old, Toro may once again be forced into displacement as he heads to a US deportation court on Friday, October 15.

Saving Their Seats for the Bicentennial and Beyond: Ex-Political Prisoners of Chile’s National Stadium

September 26, 2010 Zachary McKiernan 0

This September Chile celebrated its bicentennial, and like other nations that have marked this extraordinary milestone it rolled out the proverbial red carpet to commemorate its 200th birthday. At the same time some Chileans commemorated the 37th anniversary of the military coup that overthrew the democratically-elected government of Marxist President Salvador Allende on 11 September 1973. For these commemorators, though, mixing the bicentennial euphoria with the memories of a socialist dream crushed by the evils of dictatorship brought about a bitter-sweet taste.


Chile’s Billionaire President Piñera Gets a Raise

March 24, 2010 Benjamin Witte-Lebhar 0

Chile’s billion dollar man, Sebastian Piñera, has a US$30 billion dollar problem on his hands. That’s the estimated price tag of damage caused by last month’s monster 8.8-magnitude earthquake.  Fortunately for Piñera, economic hard times and government cuts to fund reconstruction won’t effect his salary: this billionaire president just got a raise.


Chile’s President-Elect Starts Cashing In

February 17, 2010 Benjamin Witte-Lebhar 0

Chilean President-elect Sebastian Piñera offered a glimpse Tuesday of just how deep his pockets stretch, selling one of his relatively minor investments – a nearly 10 percent stake in a posh Santiago hospital – for a cool US$37 million. Piñera, the first conservative to win a presidential election here in more than 50 years, has long promised to cash out on his many investments before March 11, when he officially replaces outgoing President Michelle Bachelet. Critics  say Piñera has already taken too long to sever his many business ties.


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