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Chilean Diplomat’s Book Critiques Washington’s Rush to War

April 17, 2008 Cyril Mychalejko 0

Heraldo Muñoz

A Chilean diplomat’s observations on the build up to the war in Iraq offer insights on the tightrope Latin American countries walk when presenting alternatives to global superpowers. Heraldo Muñoz’s book, A Solitary War: A Diplomat’s Chronicle of the Iraq War and Its Lessons, rejects the unilateralism of the Bush Administration’s rush to war.   […]

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Chile: Indigenous Group Besieged By Salmon Industry

November 19, 2007 Benjamin Witte 0

Fransisco Vera

Fighting for years to preserve the last, tiny plot of land it has left following years of state and more recently industrial encroachment, a small Mapuche-Huilliche indigenous community near Puerto Montt, Region X is now resting all of its hopes on a group of strangers in far-away Washington, DC. […]

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