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​Washington Should Follow Latin America’s Lead in Condemning Israel’s War on Palestine

August 16, 2014 Benjamin Dangl 0
As Washington supports Israel’s violence, Latin American heads of state have stood up against the offensive, acting as moral leaders for the hemisphere, and demonstrating their independence from the historically-hegemonic empire to the north. The difference between reactions from Washington and Latin America highlight new power configurations in a multi-polar world. On the one hand, Washington remains complicit in Israel’s war crimes, and on the other, Latin American governments have taken a stand with the Palestinian people, on the right side of history.
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We Reap What We Sow: The Link between Child Migrants and US Policy

August 1, 2014 Diego Cupolo 0

Seven-year-old children wandering alone through desert landscapes are the result of a long string of events that are now demanding a closer look from mainstream media and a wider audience in the United States. From military coups that overthrew democratically-elected governments to free trade agreements that destroyed the livelihood of countless independent farmers, the U.S. had a hand in many events that shaped Central America.


Raúl Zibechi: Latin America Today, Seen From Below

June 26, 2014 Raúl Zibechi 0

Raúl Zibechi offers a wide-ranging look at the geopolitical reality of the continent from the perspective of social movements, touching on the organizing model of the indigenous Chilean Mapuche and Mexican Zapatistas, conflicts occurring over the extraction industries in many countries, and the increasingly dominant role of Brazil in the region. […]

Thank You For Your Support

June 13, 2014 Upside Down World 0

Thanks So Much For Your Support! Your donation will allow us to continue to do the writing, editing and publishing it takes to keep you informed about these important struggles for justice across Latin America. […]

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Book Review: Learning from Latin America’s Social Movements

June 10, 2014 David L. Wilson 0

Until the Rulers Obey is a major advance in the effort to acquaint North American leftists with the Latin American grassroots. The book brings together interviews with representatives from some 70 organizations in 15 South and Central American countries, ranging from indigenous women in a Zapatista community in the mountains of southeastern Mexico to members of an anarchist collective in urban Uruguay.


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Book Review: Border Patrol Nation

June 8, 2014 Dawn Paley 0

Todd Miller’s powerful prose belies what one hopes is a growing sense of outrage at the inhuman and racist goals of U.S. border enforcement. His journeys from place to place and the complexities he presents within the Border Patrol itself provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of what’s wrong in the United States.



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