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The Property Waiver Regime: US Continues Punishing Land Reform in Nicaragua

October 14, 2009 Jamie Way 0

An embittered U.S. policy toward Cuba has extended the reach of this grudge to the rest of the region. Antiquated legislation originally pertaining to Cuba has not only been updated and maintained, but has been applied to the detriment of other countries, including Nicaragua. Nicaragua has given out a significant portion of its annual budget in government bonds to U.S. claimants since 1990 as remuneration for land seized under agrarian reform programs. […]

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Nicaraguans Demand Justice From World Bank-Financed Sugar Cane Company

July 11, 2008 Sydney Frey 0

Workers march for health rights

Communities in the Northern Pacific lowlands of Nicaragua are hoping to attract national and international attention to their struggle against kidney disease among workers at the Ingenio San Antonio sugar cane company that owns and cultivates large stretches of land in the area. Workers are demanding medical care and compensation for the loss of their family members. […]

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The Return of Daniel Ortega

November 13, 2006 Mark Engler, The Nation 0

Source: The Nation If you listen to right-wing pundits and Republican officials, the return to power of former revolutionary Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua is not evidence of democracy in action but rather an invitation to […]

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Nicaraguan Doctors Strike Ends

May 18, 2006 0

Two-thousand doctors from Nicaragua’s public hospital system signed an accord with the Ministry of Health on May 13, ending a six-month strike. Doctors agreed to return to work last Saturday as the government committed to […]

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