Americas: The Edward Snowden Case Monitor

Source: The Center for Economic and Policy Research

The NSA surveillance scandal and the case of whistleblower Edward Snowden have brought before the U.S. public a whole set of issues that could be vital to the future of the Americas and the world.  Has our government gone too far in the name of the “war on terror,” and is the gap between Washington and the rest of the world growing on these issues?  How should U.S. citizens and residents feel about the decline of U.S. political influence that this case has highlighted, and the development of a more multi-polar world?  Is the Cold War framework that our government and much of the media have adopted toward this story an appropriate way to look at it?  How much of what we are told are “security issues” really have anything to do with security?  And why would Ecuador become the most likely place for Edward Snowden to seek asylum?

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