Bolivia Confirms Constitution Vote

Source: Prensa Latina

The Bolivian government ratified Tuesday that the forthcoming popular referendum over the new constitution will be held in December, as referred by presidential decree.

The Executive also considered illegal the decision of the National Electoral Court (CNE) over the impossibility of running the process.

According to the minister without portfolio, in charge of Legal Defense of States Recovery Hector Arce, the letters sent by CNE that could prevent proceeding with December 7 consultation lack legal value.

Arce noted that the Court does not have binding effect to withdraw the plebiscite called August 28 by Presidential decree, which is also back by two third of the vote achieved in last February’s National Congress.

He also assured that in a State of Law those who deliberately do not comply could be punished.

Vice Minister of Coordination of Social Movements Sacha Llorenti said the referendum is a historic demand by marginalized sectors regarding land rights.

President of the Inter-provincial Civic Committee, Clemente Gutierrez said that one letter could not slow down the process boosted by Supreme Decree.

He said that to oppose the referendum is to comply with instructions from the US embassy in Bolivia.