Bolivian Government Condemns Opposition Strike

Source: Prensa Latina

Cabinet Minister Juan Ramon Quintana

The Bolivian government condemned roadblocks put up by the opposition in Pando, Beni and Santa Cruz to protest President Evo Morales’s plans to redistribute natural gas revenues.

The 24-hour strike at those departments, will only bring economic losses to the regions and their residents, Cabinet Minister Juan Ramon Quintana said.

Quintana lauded Chuquisaca authorities for not joining the protest. Chuquisaca is a member of the National Democratic Council (CONALDDE).

He said provincial governors like Ruben Costas (Santa Cruz) and wealthy businessman Branko Marinkovic are just seeking to spread violence.

The government official claimed opposition groups intend to use snipers and armed groups to ambush law enforcement agents if they intervene.

Quintana reminded how armed members of the Union Juvenil CruceƱista are patrolling the streets and communities to impose the strike.

He reminded that Bolivia is amid a deep process of changes to benefit the majority. Such changes, however, affect the interests of small wealthy groups, the official added.