Bolivian Socialist Funds Election Campaign by Selling Potatoes

An indigenous Bolivian politician will fund her campaign for governor by selling both normal potatoes and traditional freeze-dried potatoes.

Source: teleSUR

One candidate running for governor of the Bolivian department of La Paz will fund her campaign in an unusual way … by selling potatoes.

Felipa Huanca, the candidate for the ruling Movement Toward Socialism party (MAS), announced that her campaign will be funded by selling normal potatoes, as well as the Andean specialty freeze-dried potatoes.

Huanca told local press that she does not have money to fund an electoral campaign like the other candidates.

Everyone wonders how I’m going to get the money? Well I don’t have money,” said Huanca. 

Huanca added that she will campaign “humbly” with the support of the Bartolina Sisa Federation of Indigenous Women, which will provide the potatoes and other items.

Bolivia will hold local and national elections for mayors and governors of the nine departments March 29.

Currently, MAS is the most important political force in Bolivia, governing seven of the nine departments in the country.

The latest victory of the left-wing party was on Oct. 12, 2014, when President Evo Morales easily won the Presidential election with 61.4 percent of the vote.