Haitian Refugees Suffer in the Dominican Republic

A refugee organization called on the U.N. and the Dominican government to do more to ensure that Haitian Refugees’ human rights are protected in the Dominican Republic.

Blot Jean Ederme, president of Committee of Recognized Refugees and Applicants of Refuge United for our Rights said that undocumented Haitians are subjected to violence and racism. Ederme suggested that the slaves were better off than some refugees are now.

"To a slave, his master obligatorily gives them a bed or bread, but to us no. The Haitian refugees, if it weren’t for the Jesuit Service, our children would’ve died from different causes: for hunger or health; many sleep underneath bridges," said Ederme.

According to Edwin Paraison, director of Foundation Zile and a former Haitian consul working for the rights of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, there are as many as 600,000 Haitians living in the country, many of whom are subject to exploitation, and deportation at any moment.

"Bosses call the police to have Haitian workers deported so they don’t have to pay them," said Paraison.