Honduras’ latest coup

Source: Al Jazeera

In modifying its constitution, Honduras’ hypocrisy is world-class.

Last month, the Honduran Supreme Court ruled that Article 239 of the national constitution was no longer applicable.

The article prohibited the re-election of presidents, who were limited to a single four-year term, and furthermore stipulated that any president “directly or indirectly” supporting a modification of said article would be immediately removed from his post and banned from public office for 10 years.

Regarding 239’s demise, you might therefore say: Big deal. It’s a ridiculous prohibition anyway.

But it happens to be the very same article that was invoked to justify the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, who was accused of endeavouring to rewrite the constitution to retain his hold on power.

At the time, you would have thought Article 239 was the universe’s most sacred item.

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