Honduras: Two More Dead, Zelaya Takes Case to International Criminal Court

Zelaya Takes Case to International Criminal Court

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya vowed on Saturday to return to power through peaceful means and said he would take his case to the International Criminal Court.

Manuel Zelaya: “In the next few hours, the International Criminal Court will receive a demand to open a case based in the fundamentals of law that will open an investigation and, at the same time, the trial and condemnation of the people that have not only violated my individual rights, but the collective rights of our people, and have affected human rights.”

Two Zelaya Supporters Die in Honduras

Two more supporters of Zelaya have died in Honduras. A teacher named Roger Vallejo died of a bullet wound to the head after two days in a hospital’s intensive care unit. Vallejo was shot in the head while taking part in a rally blocking a road leading out of the capital, Tegucigalpa. A funeral was held for Vallejo on Saturday. Another teacher, Martin Florencio Rivera Barrientos, was stabbed to death on Saturday after leaving Vallejo’s funeral.