Latin America rejects US aggression against Syria

Source: Press TV

Latin American countries have almost unanimously rejected US plans to launch an aggression against Syria and consider that this action would be not only a catastrophe for the Middle East but also a threat for Latin America, which has been seen as a “courtyard” by Washington for many decades.

“An attack against Syria would have extremely serious consequences for the Middle East, a region that is already troubled,” said a statement by the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It would be a flagrant violation of the principles of the UN Charter and international law. It would also increase the dangers to international peace and security,” stated the Cuban Ministry.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa also rejected any aggressive unilateral actions which would violate Syria’s sovereignty. According to Correa, “No country has the moral right to take upon itself the function of a judge who determines what is right or wrong.”

His Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales claimed that media reports had showed that chemical weapons were used near Damascus not by the government, but by the rebel armed groups in order to generate an international response. “Chemical agents were used by groups that fight against the government in Syria,” said the Bolivian president. “By failing to establish military dictatorships, as it did in the past, Washington, under the current conditions, is using a different strategy: creating internal conflicts in some countries in order to have a pretext for intervention,” added the Bolivian President.

Argentina has officially condemned a possible US strike on Syria adding that a military intervention would “aggravate” the Arab country’s domestic scenario. Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has stated that her country totally rejects a US attack.

For its part, Brazil has stated that an attack on Syria without the approval of the UN Security Council would be a violation of international law and the UN Charter. Brazilian Foreign Minister, Luiz Alberto Figueiredo Machado, said such an action was “unacceptable.” The Brazilian foreign minister added that his country also rejects the shipment of weapons to terrorist groups in Syria, while praising “the efforts performed to reach a political solution to the crisis” in that country.

Even countries that have been traditional allies of the United States in the region, such as Chile, Mexico or Colombia, are watching the revival of the US imperialist aggressiveness with alarm. Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera, spoke against a unilateral military intervention in Syria. “The government of Chile does not support a unilateral military action by a country or a group of countries”, he said.

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